Weird News Video #33 — Carwash Robbery

Episode #33: “No Wax”, from True’s 18 January 2009 issue.

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No Wax

When a robber confronted an employee of a carwash in Portland, Ore., the employee lured the gunman into the wash tunnel, where the cashbox was located. Chris Truax, 25, probably wasn’t too afraid for his life: when the robber pulled his gun, it broke into pieces. Still, Truax opened the cash drawer, and when the robber reached toward it Truax grabbed a power washer and sprayed the robber in the face with soapy water at 2,000 psi. “It had to hurt, I promise you that,” said assistant manager Jason Marsh, who gave Truax two paid days off as a reward. The robber fled empty-handed. (Portland Oregonian) …So it was pretty much a clean getaway.

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4 Comments on “Weird News Video #33 — Carwash Robbery

  1. What, no towel? What kind of service is that? How about a good shammy instead? 🙂

    Heh! I guess you think that robber is all washed up or something? -rc

  2. Looks like the Chris is on his cell phone before he sprays the robber. I think you are right on, he was not afraid for his life, he was calling someone; probably not for pizza.

    Good catch: he was actually calling 911 to report the robbery! Yes, really. That’s one cool character. -rc

  3. 2000 psi in the face, you bet that would hurt. I was cleaning my deck with a 1300 psi washer, and, without thinking, reached down to pull a stick out from between two boards. My hand was numb for 5 minutes. I haven’t done that again. Doing it once is an accident, twice is stupidity.

  4. There was a follow up story – the news item enabled the police to find him to serve an old warrant. But he admitted it was about time he took care of it.


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