Podcast 032: The Poison Keyboard

In This Episode: A really interesting cautionary tale for anyone who posts anything online — on social media, on a review site, even a comment on a blog. Can you be sued …and LOSE? You bet! Even if you “don’t listen to podcasts” you might want to try this one — or at least read the transcript.

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Originally posted 2 March 2018

Podcast 031: Letting Kids Set Boundaries

In This Episode: Following on the previous episode, a lot of child abuse could be stopped if we encouraged our kids to set boundaries — and then we honored them. The story from the middle school in Utah where girls were not allowed to say no to boys asking them to dance really drives this all home: the rule actually sets girls up for abuse. Plus another segment of No Longer Weird.

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Originally posted 22 February 2018

Podcast 030: What ‘Mandatory’ Means

In This Episode: A home-town story has a notable parallel to a national story, and they both hinge on men in power taking advantage of the young — while other supposedly responsible adults failed to do their legal, and “mandatory”, duty. It was a tough one to record, and it’ll be tough to listen to, but it’s an important, and thought-provoking, issue: what would YOU do?

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Originally posted 8 February 2018

Podcast 029: I Thought You Were a Christian Organization!

In This Episode: Two segments of No Longer Weird to catch up a little, and one of the most ridiculous reader complaints about a story EVER (and my response). There’s a twist at the end: even in this kind of hilarity, there’s a real lesson to be learned about The Human Condition, supplied by an amazing reader letter.

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Originally posted 1 February 2018

Podcast 026: That’s Not Hypocrisy, It’s Clear Thinking

In This Episode: Is it a contradiction to laugh at Oregon and New Jersey for not allowing self-serve gas stations, AND to urge businesses to offer better customer service to help them with online competitors? At least one reader thinks so, and here’s why he’s wrong.

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Originally posted 12 January 2018

Podcast 023: It’s Tough to Find a Hero

In This Episode: It’s really fun to find patterns in weird news stories: Randy gives a couple of “paired” examples. But really: people have to turn to weeds and rocks as “heroes”?! Certainly “celebrities” and national leaders aren’t worthy of being looked up to these days. Yet another entry in the No Longer Weird file, and a fun Easter Egg at the end.

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Originally posted 21 December 2017

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