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Podcast 014: An Act of Charity

In This Episode: A mostly seasonal segment for No Longer Weird. Then, it seems like just a funny story, but a crusty donation to a food bank maybe isn’t so charitable after all, and — when you think about it — demonstrates the value of thinking about your actions before doing. (more…)

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Podcast 013: How ADD Made TRUE Possible

In This Episode: Society seems to think ADD/ADHD is some sort of curse. Yet when properly managed, it provides “superpowers” that are an absolute gift. Randy and a special guest — his high performance coach (who specializes in entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD) — talk about why that is, and what it takes to get away from […]

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Podcast 009: We Need Better Heroes

In This Episode: When the people in charge fail our kids. (At least sometimes, the people in charge of those people step in, and make things right.) It’s the lead story in this week’s newsletter (click the image to see it larger). And what, really, is the lesson kids learn when sports gets high priority, […]

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Podcast 006: The Best of Humanity

In This Episode: While the stories in This is True usually point out the pitfalls of not thinking (or “obliviots doing stupid things”), the Honorary Unsubscribe holds up the best of humanity. This episode not only features a interesting example, but adds some extra details and commentary. Jump To… Show Notes How to Subscribe How to […]

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Podcast 005: Politics, Religion, Oh! And…

In This Episode: Politics and religion can’t be talked about in polite society? Randy in Washington says no, there are three taboo topics: don’t forget sex (eek!) So yeah, let’s go there, based on this week’s story (click to see larger) on the self-proclaimed “Million Dollar Ho” of (of course!) Florida. Plus the debut of […]

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Podcast 004: Forget Polite, Let’s Talk Religion

In This Episode: “We’re told that in polite society that you don’t talk politics or religion.” Yeah, whatever: as Clare says, we’re not always in a polite society. Episode 2 talked politics, so let’s get to religion! That conversation is spun around a story from last week, which was “graphicized” as the Story of the […]

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Podcast 003: Reading TRUE to Kids

In This Episode: A topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for literally years: should you consider reading This is True to your kids? Lots of parents do — or let the kids read it themselves. But first, finishing up last week, one more behind-the-scenes tour, of this place: A really neat photo of the Gates […]

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Podcast 001: My Co-Host

If You Missed “Episode 0” (the intro to the series), listen here. In This Episode: Say hello to my co-host (and long-time assistant), Clare Angelica. “This is Episode 1 …so we’ll probably flub it up!” I said in the opening. But you know, for our first try, I think it’s a pretty decent effort. 🙂 […]

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Podcast 0: Introduction

In This Episode: For practice, and to test out the new hosting platform for the podcast, I thought I’d do a quickie (5-minute) introduction. As promised, it’s set up so you can download it manually if you wish. Episode 1 will come out on time on Friday (7 July). How to Subscribe You can subscribe […]

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