Why My New Podcast Host is So Cool

I’m Excited About My New Podcast Host. There’s no Uncommon Sense Podcast episode this week: I spent my podcast time last week moving everything to a new hosting site since I’ve been unhappy with the old one. The new host lets me do something special, especially for those of you who aren’t really techie: give you really easy access via your smartphone or tablet.

Most podcast players will show you the last 25 or 50 or whatever episodes, but real people want to be able to listen to the first ones too, especially if someone finds an episode they like, and want to go back and start at the beginning. Yes, you can do that by going to True’s site (this page lists them all), but that’s much harder to do with a normal podcast app.

Click to go to the Uncommon Sense page on Soundwise.

Until now: that’s what the new host allows. Soundwise was designed to be a private label Audible (Amazon’s audio book marketplace): a way to sell audiobooks and audio courses without Amazon taking a big chunk of the profits. But they allow us to host free “courses” and such too — including podcasts.

The best part is, because it’s all about stuff that’s normally sold, you can always get all of the “chapters” (episodes), not just the most-recent 50 or whatever. They are there to help their creators sell stuff, so while they’ll cross-promote my programs to my audience, they won’t try to sell you stuff from other creators. Perfect!

Drop-Dead Easy App

While you can play every episode from the Uncommon Sense “landing page” there, there’s something better: you can get a free smartphone/tablet app to listen to the episodes whenever: you decide which tracks to download, and you can listen to them whenever you want after that, even if you later don’t have Internet access. And best of all, it’s drop-dead easy. See why I wanted to switch hosts? And while I “could” sell access to Uncommon Sense, the whole idea is to make it easier for you all to listen, so naturally, every episode is free there, which is handy since there are already well over 50 episodes.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll narrate some of my books and put them up for sale there (and since I have their “pro” account, they don’t take any cut, let alone a large one). But for now, it’s just the podcast. See the Uncommon Sense Soundwise page to sign up for free, and to get the app. Then you can “log in” on the app and choose what episodes you want to stream or download, and be notified when there’s a new one. Drop… Dead… Easy.

Already Using a Podcast App?

If you’re satisfied with the way you’re already getting the podcast, nothing changes in how you receive the episodes. This site still controls the “RSS feed” that everyone from iTunes to Google pulls the episodes from, and there’s nothing you have to do to keep getting them.

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