DiMezzo’s Trap

I Hadn’t Even Geared Up to write (or edit the stories from the guys) when I got an email from Premium reader Mike in New Hampshire: “OK, this is just a perfect example of results that can happen when you just vote the party line without thinking,” he said, and included a link to an article on Fox News. As soon as I saw it I understood his “perfect” comment, and went right to work on the story, finding a second source and more details. As soon as I was done, I knew it was not only the lead story for this week’s newsletter, but it would also be the sharable “Story of the Week” — and here it is:

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Just Visit Their Site Less

Sometimes I Want To cover a story that cannot possibly be put into the email newsletter: those that definitely will trigger filters. Luckily, those sorts of stories can go on the web site. Hence this page. The story is not completely “safe for work” — but the included photo is.

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Pho Keene Controversy

Update: The Restaurant Pho Keene Won!

Sometimes, I’ll Look at the Comments on a news site’s story that I use as a source for a True story. Not very often, since most news comments are a vast wasteland, but the comments on one of the Pho Keene stories I read caught my eye. The top comment was, “Who knew that Keene lacked a sense of humor?” And there was one response: “Anyone that lives here.” Let’s start with the story, from True’s first issue of 2019:

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The Taylor Swift Cop Video:
Call Me a Contrarian

The Taylor Swift Cop Video:<br />Call Me a Contrarian
Swift performing in Los Angeles during her RED Tour, August 2013. (Photo CC “Denielle” on Flikr.)

The Taylor Swift Cop Video:<br />Call Me a ContrarianOK: Call Me a Contrarian. Sure the lip-synching cop was entertaining! The song is fun, and who can’t like the earnest and drop-dead gorgeous (and cute! — see below) Taylor Swift?

But really: we are in a cycle of big distrust of cops in this country, so their solution is to lie about just happening to find this video of the cop in their random review of dashcam footage?

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