Weird News Video #11 — Is It Art?

Episode #11: “Who Flung Poo?”, from True’s 24 August 2008 issue.

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Who Flung Poo?

Described as “a giant, inflatable dog turd,” the house-size “work of art” titled “Complex Shit” — which is …well… a giant, inflatable sculpture of a dog turd — was installed outside the Paul Klee Centre in Berne, Switzerland. When a storm blew in, safety features didn’t work and the whole pile went airborne. It took out a power line before settling back to earth at a children’s home 200 meters away, where it broke a window. Museum director Juri Steiner wasn’t sure if it would be returned to display, even though the piece, created by American artist Paul McCarthy, apparently survived the flight. (AFP) …He’s far from the first artist to think his pile of shit is a piece of art.

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