The First Paramedics

The first most people in the world heard of paramedics was “Johnny and Roy” (Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe) — the lead medics in the Emergency! TV series (NBC, 1972-1977) based on the real life exploits of the Los Angeles County Fire Dept., which was one of the early pioneers in modern Emergency Medical Services.

But they weren’t the first.

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Ed Freeman and Political Manipulation

I generally don’t want suggestions for True‘s Honorary Unsubscribe feature; my usual problem is having far too many possibilities for the one slot each week. In July 2009 a new trend started: people wanting me to do an Honorary Unsubscribe write-up for Ed Freeman, a brave Vietnam War helicopter pilot who saved about 30 shot-up kids and was awarded the Medal of Honor — the U.S.’s highest military decoration.

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Blonde Racism?

A story last week led a reader to accuse me of being racist. I first rolled my eyes over the accusation and deleted the message, but I decided to pull it out of the trash and run it here. I still haven’t replied to the message; rather, I’d like you to, by posting a response below. I’d especially like to hear from people who are the victims of racism: do you see his objection as being valid — is it really akin to the racism you have suffered? How — or how is it not?

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“An Insult to Every Black Man in America”

What happens when an academic type uses Political Correctness to excuse vile, reprehensible behavior — and then a lawyer gets hold of the idea? You get “justification” for beating a young child to death. True‘s home page notes that the stories are not all meant to be humorous, and this one sure isn’t. From True‘s 27 June 2004 issue:

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When is Racism OK?

When some idiot in the public eye spews forth an outrageous racist remark or two, they’re always called to task! And rightly so. Well… are they really? What happens when people are afraid to call a racist a racist, because they’ll be called racist? This story was in True’s 29 February 2004 issue:

Leading By Example

After a briefing on the coup in Haiti, U.S. Representative Corrine Brown (Democrat from Florida) said President Bush’s policy for the country was “racist” and engineered by “a bunch of white men.” That didn’t sit well with the president’s man she was berating, Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega. “As a Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a white man,” he told her, but promised that he would “relay that to [Secretary of State] Colin Powell and [national security adviser] Condoleezza Rice the next time I run into them.” Brown, who is black, said she was “absolutely not” apologetic for calling Noriega white, telling him “you all look alike to me.” (Florida Times-Union) …Racism: an appalling slur on humanity, unless committed by a black Democratic politician.

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