Weird News Video #38 — Caped Crusader

Episode #38: “Riddle Me This”, from True’s 22 February 2009 issue.

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Riddle Me This

Walsh Ian Nichols, 21, was “patrolling” on his motorcycle in Tampa, Fla., when the police told him he was breaking the law because he was wearing a mask. A Batman mask, which went with his costume. “It was a dark day for the Dark Knight,” he said in a court filing, “as he was subsequently placed under arrest for wearing a hood on a public street.” Nichols had been warned before that wearing a mask is against state law, and when officers saw him wearing it again, he was taken into custody. Nichols says he has had trouble lately in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa. “Every time I go down there, me and my friends get dirty looks,” he said. Friends? “Meaning, my friend that dresses like Robin,” he explained. Hillsborough County Judge John Conrad dismissed the charges, and ordered Tampa police to return Nichols’ mask. (Tampa Tribune) …It could be worse. He could be some kind of joker.

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4 Comments on “Weird News Video #38 — Caped Crusader

  1. Batman and Robin, some guys just never grow up. I’m sure I won’t be the only one to tell you this, but the correct pronunciation of the Tampa neighborhood is E-bor.

    Ah, dang. Thanks for letting me know. -rc

  2. I read this story elsewhere, and what was not mentioned was why the charges were thrown out – it is only illegal to wear a mask there when it is in the commission of another crime. Just wandering around town wearing a full face mask is NOT illegal there. 😀

    And awesome pun at the end, by the way.

    Yes, it is illegal there. It goes back to anti-KKK efforts. Doesn’t apply here? Maybe not; the judge threw it out. But the cops charged him with the crime because it was on the books. -rc

  3. Wow I thought this was funny, I live in sarasota only 45mins. away and I’ve never seen anything like this before. (not even on halloween) Kudos randy for finding this!

  4. Hmm. There’s more of his face exposed than when I wear my law required Shoei full face helmet with a smoked visor. I often walk inside of gas stations to pay for gas with it on to make a point. What if a DOT/Snell foundation approved helmet that looked like a Batman mask were sold? I think this is why the case was dismissed.


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