Weird News Video #39 — In the Line of Doody

Episode #39: “In the Line of Doody”, from True’s 1 March 2009 issue.

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In the Line of Doody

The Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Centerville, Utah, held a “moment of silence” after John, one of its employees, was shot. Actually, John wasn’t really an employee: it was a toilet. The commode was blasted to bits when a customer, who had a concealed weapons permit, was in the restroom and, when he pulled up his pants, dropped a pistol to the floor. It discharged, shooting the porcelain god point-blank. “By all accounts, it was a good toilet,” said Brad Haley, a Carl’s executive vice president. “Reliable and well liked by customers and crew members alike.” Haley noted the toilet was “a critical member of our team that was in very close contact with the public each and every day,” and that “our thoughts go out to the surviving men’s room urinal and porcelain sink.” The restaurant handed out bottles of “Kaboom Bowl Blaster” brand toilet cleaner to the first 50 customers to attend the privy’s …uh… “funeral.” (Salt Lake Tribune) …tag

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  1. My god, Randy, these videos just get funnier and funnier each week. I had to watch this one twice because I was laughing over your words the first time. I wonder if the shooter was flushed with embarrassment over the incident.


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