Weird News Video #5 — Enlightenment

Episode #5: “Welcome To The 21st Century — Another in a Continuing Series”, from True’s 6 July 2008 issue.

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Welcome to the 21st Century — Another in a Continuing Series

“I am not a doom and gloom preacher, I am a truth seeker,” claims Pastor James Crawford of IHOP — the International House of Prayer — during an old-fashioned revival meeting in Shreveport, La. “But we are at the threshold of dark days,” he said. To help shed light on dark times he sponsored a fire — a book burning to destroy “adult” magazines and Harry Potter novels. “This is powerful,” Crawford said. “God looks down and sees humble hearts. That is the reality of what we’re doing,” he added, saying he got a “wake-up call” from God in the form of various natural disasters. (Shreveport Times) …The most depressing part: historically, Dark Ages last much longer than Enlightenments.

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