One Strange Fetish

I just had to post this guy’s mug shot after a subscriber wrote to say he thought it was odd that the woman so quickly thought the man was suspicious. First, here’s the story:

One Strange Fetish

A student studying in the library at Ohio’s University of Cincinnati noticed a suspicious man near her. She went back to her studying until she felt something cold on her foot. She looked under the library table to see the same man there. “When I looked down, the person was on his knee with the syringe,” she told police — the man had apparently used it to spray a liquid on her foot. Campus police apprehended a suspect: Dwight Pannell, 43, who “admitted taking pictures of her feet,” a spokesman said. “He said he was doing so because it was a new camera.” Pannell was arrested eight years ago, too — on charges of assaulting a woman in a university library with a syringe. (Cincinnati Enquirer) …Yeah, but that was the old camera.

First, I’m sure that women are much more aware of “suspicious men” than the average man is. But that said, even I would be suspicious of this guy if he were loitering around me:

Dwight Pannell's mug shot
Yep: That’s a mug all right! Photo courtesy University of Cincinnati Police

Heck: I’d probably call 911 on sight! And if he was crawling toward a woman with a lustful look in his eye and a syringe in his hand, I’d probably take him out myself.

But Wait, There’s More

Another story this week was about a guy in Oregon who set up a “Meet a Black Person” booth. A reader tipped me to this video — probably the Oregon guy’s inspiration. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end: the last guy is priceless!

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18 Comments on “One Strange Fetish

  1. I can see it now: “Podiatric Pervert Precipitates Preppie Panic”. How did anyone keep a straight face in all this? I think we should all take pictures of our feet and send them, so he can tack them up in his cell!

  2. The story about publishing the mug shot of the weirdo I thought was funny because you said open this to read and see the mug shot. When the page opens who has the mug shot at the top of the page, why our very own Randy. Then I realized I had to move down.

    Right: it’s the other weird looking guy! -rc

  3. I have to agree with Walter, I got stopped by Randy’s pic too! *LOL* The real pic is the stuff nightmares are made of! *shudder*

  4. I laughed for about fifteen minutes when that White guy was like, “Hey Mom, look, it’s a Black person!!!” Thank you for publishing so many amazing, amusing newsletters and sharing so many wonderful things with us. Please keep up the good work!

    (and that guy with the syringe LOOKS crazy, YIKES!)

  5. Oh come on, Randy. This poor guy is retarded. I know we are not supposed to use that word anymore, but come on. He looks innocent and stupid, and has a fetish. He has a very small cranium. Be nicer.

    I think it’s unlikely that he’s “retarded”. Remember, he has a criminal history. Surely his lawyer would have used that as a defense in the previous case, and the police would have that info from his rap sheet. But nope: there has been no hint of that, and no follow-up to suggest such a thing. -rc

  6. I think I work with people who look at least a weird as the mugshot. I know I saw strange looking mugs at the mall yesterday afternoon. The really scary thing was knowing that most of the strange looking people I saw are old enough to vote in the presidential election and are likely one issue voters.

  7. Did they say what was in the syringe? I hope the young lady got her foot decontaminated…

    They were analyzing it to find out, but haven’t announced any findings (I checked again today). -rc

  8. Mr. Pannell appears to have been shooting steroids into his jawbones for a while. Might explain the syringe. But I don’t know why his conehead or unlevel eyes would be cause for pause?

    Interesting that the ‘Meet a Black Person’ guy picked Aspen, Co. Clearly, white people are ignorant and in dire need of being educated as to the true magnificence of other races. Now if we could only find a gutzy enough white fellow to do the same in middle of Compton, Ca. I’m certain that he’d be greeted every bit as politely. Secondly, wonder if the Al Sharpton types would label him a racist if he happened to wear a kevlar vest?

  9. Hay RC, wake up my friend. How about if I sneak up on your wife and children and do some stupid fettish- according to your own posting- that’s ok!! No harm, right?

    Wake up you idoit!!! Unwelcome or “unadvertized” advances in this country is called “assault.” Once may be strange- twice is a psychopathic sexual prediter. Duh!!!!!!

    “Duh” indeed, Greg — the whole point of the story is to sympathize with the woman. So in addition to your inability to write clearly with correctly spelled words and everything, you didn’t grasp that I was understanding the woman’s unease, not belittling her. Pay better attention. -rc

  10. If Jeff Oliver set up his “Meet a Black Guy” booth in a farmer’s market in Corvallis, Ore., (a) why are are all the people carrying skis, and (b) why does the U-tube video start with a sign saying “Aspen, Colorado, Pop. 5,914” ?

    Read the post more carefully — much more carefully! -rc

  11. After I read the comments from Greg (July 6, 2008, 7:51 PM), I went back to read the story three more times — both the original story, and the additional comments that Randy made when he first posted it to his blog — trying to see how someone could think that Randy considered the guy with the “fettish” (sic) to be “ok”.

    It just isn’t there.

    Greg doesn’t just need to “pay better attention” — it seems to me that he was deliberately misinterpreting what Randy said, so that he could get indignant about it. The reasons for this escape me. (Maybe he wants to know if Randy really does allow ignorant, uncomplimentary posts with major spelling errors, to stay up?)

    Only when they provide entertainment for others. -rc

  12. I’m no believer in Eugenics, or for that matter Phrenology, but when someone’s head is THAT MISSHAPEN you kind of tend to wonder whether it tells you something about how much could actually be going on in there.

    I often wonder what’s going on in people’s heads when they’re totally “normal” looking…. -rc

  13. I clicked the video and and got “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”, which has been happening an awful lot to me lately.

    I think that happens when the server gets too busy. Typically, a page reload or two will bring it up. -rc

  14. Being a black person myself I found the video and the story hilarious! So often I have been the only black person in a company or at a party and now I know what to do to break the ice.

  15. There is an area outside Conway, AR named Toad Suck Ferry on the Arkansas River. Several years back, a guy in Conway was going in shoe stores and sucking on women’s toes. So of course, he was dubbed the Toe Suck Fairy.

  16. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available” appears when you’ve had the page loaded for too long and the link ‘expires’. Refreshing the page will refresh the link and you’ll be able to click the video and watch it.

  17. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!—“meet a black guy”. Seemed like he had a great time and met some interesting people. He could come down here, 7 miles north of Mexico, and we could add a version called “Meet a gringo”!

  18. The guy in the mug shot sure does have a “caught-in-the-headlights” look, doesn’t he???

    And the guy in the video is absolutely priceless! You’re right — the guy at the very end provides real, um, “flair,” maybe???


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