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Good Grief

Peter Robbins, 56, of Oceanside, Calif., has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of making criminal threats, and two counts of stalking — all at the felony level — in a case involving his girlfriend and a plastic surgeon. “Both victims describe him as a desperate man who has nothing to lose,” said Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth McClutchey, perhaps because Robbins is dying from pancreatic cancer. Because he recently bought a gun, the judge in the case left Robbins’ bail at $550,000. Apparently, Robbins is upset at the job the doctor did on his girlfriend’s breast augmentation, and demanded she get a refund — he had paid for the surgery. He then allegedly beat on his dog, Snoopy, and said he would continue doing so until she got the refund. The doctor says Robbins called her and demanded cash, and left her a threatening note, which he signed. Robbins was a child actor; he’s best known for voicing Charlie Brown in various “Peanuts” TV shows in the 1960s. (RC/San Diego Union-Tribune) ...Lucy’s right: of all the Charlie Browns in the world, he’s the Charlie Browniest.

Story Update: Robbins was sentenced to 5 years of probation, and ordered to not contact the plastic surgeon for 10 years, on the condition that he complete substance abuse and domestic violence treatment. The judge warned Robbins he could go to prison if he violated his probation, and actually suggested, “Don’t be a blockhead.”

But Robbins made another appearance in True, again in trouble with the law, including violating his probation. Sure enough, he was sentenced to prison. So much for not being a blockhead. See “What a Blockhead” in Volume 22.

Original Publication Date: 17 February 2013
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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