Our “Better-than-Risk-Free” Guarantee

If you buy a printed This is True book from us and you decide you don’t think it’s worth the price you paid — for any reason — we’ll “pay you” to return it! That’s right: We’ll not only refund the price you paid (less shipping costs), we’ll send you a free plastic “Get Out of Hell Free” card, a $5 value. Take 30 days to decide. If you’re truly not satisfied, send it back in new, unread condition and we’ll refund your credit card or write you a check (depending on how you paid in the first place) for the price you paid, and send you the GOOHF card for your trouble. That’s better than risk free!

To tell you the truth, we’re not worried: no one has ever been dissatisfied — we’ve never had to make a refund, and we’ve sold many thousands of copies. The books are, quite simply, that good!

*Does not apply to sales made to retailers/resellers, autographed books, bulk buys of 5 copies or more, or any special that notes the books are not returnable. Shipping charges are not refundable.

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