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Not Ready for the Big Leagues

When a man came into Tony’s Pizza in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., he asked the counter clerk if he could apply for a job. The clerk went into the back to get Tony, but the owner was already watching the security camera. While the man was alone up front, Tony says, he watched as he unscrewed the lid on a donation jar for the local Little League team sitting on the counter, pulled out the cash inside, and stuffed it in his pocket. “I got upset,” Tony admits. “It’s money for the kids.” He ran up front, put the man in a headlock and “took him down.” Tony says “When I had him down on the ground he told me it was his birthday,” but that didn’t bring any sympathy: “It was my birthday too.” Police arrived and identified the man as Peter Faiss, 23, and released him after issuing him a summons. The $10 or so was put back in the donation jar. “I had a few drinks in me,” Faiss explained. “It was an impulse and now I’m paying for it.” (RC/WPVI Philadelphia) ...Because the best time to go job hunting is after you’ve had “a few drinks.”
Original Publication Date: 12 April 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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