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Not That Organ

“I wanted to be an organ donor,” said Tammy Lemasters, 42. But when she got her driver’s license in Orlando, Fla., it looks like the clerk clicked the wrong button. Although drivers are told to double check everything on the license, Lemasters didn’t notice anything wrong. A few days later, Lemasters realized that instead of “Organ Donor” on the front, the bottom of her license said, “Sexual Predator”. Lemasters called the office where she got her license and was told to come in and the problem would be fixed immediately. “We said we fully understand the embarrassment she faced, but these are humans doing a human job,” said Mark O’Keefe. “People make mistakes. When we find them, we move swiftly to correct them.” But Lemasters is suing, and her attorney said he’s aware of at least two other cases where this mistake has happened. The licensing software is being updated to include a confirmation step before applying the sexual predator label to a license. (MS/AP) ...Which is worse: that the system allowed this misprint to occur without a check, that the clerk didn’t notice, or that Lemasters didn’t pay attention and is putting all the blame on the state?
Original Publication Date: 24 May 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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