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Some Pig

“We’re not going to give Wilbur up,” says Eric Halpern of Palm Beach County, Fla. “He’s a member of our family for life.” But the neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association says the Halpern family is in violation of covenants which prohibit livestock — Wilbur is a pot-bellied pig. The 65-pound Wilbur is not livestock, Halpern says: he’s a “therapy pig” that “helps” his two young children “and others” in the county. “Short of the Halperns proving that their children are handicapped as defined by law, the association has an obligation to enforce the pet regulation in its governing documents,” says the HOA’s attorney, Ryan Aboud. The dispute has been going on for months, and the HOA has slapped the Halperns with a $1,000 fine, which the family won’t pay. “We just want to get this resolved and go back to normal life,” Halpern said. (RC/South Florida Sun-Sentinel) ...My “therapy pig” is a package of bacon.
Original Publication Date: 24 August 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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