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Step Right Up

Beijing’s Bang Bang Peace and Happiness Health Center is the first of 517 sex shops in China to be awarded a license to operate under new regulations issued by the government. Offering such wonders as the “Dream” — an electric banana ($55, batteries included) — Bang Bang attracts about 600 customers per day. One popular item, a penis enlarger “for men and women,” sells for $25. (RC/Reuters) ...Kind of a high price for a magnifying glass, isn’t it?
Authors Note: A couple of readers wrote to complain the magnifying glass crack was racist because it implied the Chinese had small genitalia. But hey: Im not the one who brought up penis enlargement! And anyway, who couldnt be charmed by a penis enlarger billed as for men and women?!
Original Publication Date: 11 August 1996
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 3.

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