The First Hundred

This week Jordan becomes the 100th country (that I know of) on my distribution list, less than two years after the publication’s launch.

It’s no longer maintained, since the number of “Top-Level Domains” has exploded (I mean really: .bingo?!?) The last full country list is here., and the latest TLD list is on Wikipedia.

– – –

I also announce my plans to move to Boulder, Colorado. True‘s business plan predicted I’d be able to quit my Day Job two years after launch, and it appears I’ll be right on schedule — right to the day.

Why Colorado? Two reasons: I was tired of California and wanted a simpler life, and thought I would get it there (and was right). And, I had seen a lot of co-workers leave JPL for a “better job,” only to see them fail and return to JPL. I didn’t want to be tempted, so getting quite a ways away would reduce that temptation. I promised to be available for short-term consulting if they needed it, and indeed was begged back for a several-day stint. But I’ve never been tempted to quit True — I truly love my job!

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