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The Gina Barela School of High-Performance Parking

“It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like this except at the monster truck show,” said the tow truck driver of an accident in Pocatello, Idaho. Police investigators say Gina Barela, 45, hit a curb, drove across a lawn and a section of gravel, hit the road’s median, hit a car at an auto dealership, launched into the air and rotated one and a half times, and finally slammed into an off-the-ground billboard. The nose of her SUV stayed stuck to the ad, while the back of her vehicle smashed into, and rested upon, for-sale vehicles parked under the sign. In addition to her SUV, two cars on the ground were destroyed, and two received major damage. A witness said Barela “had to have been traveling at least 100 mph.” Barela was hospitalized with relatively minor injuries — and cited for driving under the influence. For the past five years, the billboard was a public service message — against drunk driving. But two weeks before the crash, it was replaced — to instead advertise a funeral home. (RC/Idaho State Journal) ...Better go back to the former, then: it obviously worked better.
Original Publication Date: 14 June 2015
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