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This Is Only a Drill

Winter Haven, Fla., police officer Derrick Doles attended an “active shooter scenario” training. Later, when the School District’s Department of Safe Schools sent an email ordering lockdown drills, Doles planned the drill for Jewett Middle Academy Magnet School, where he was the school resource officer. He used his prior training, even though it was oriented toward police officers, and his scenario was approved by the principal, Jacquelyn Moore. School administrators were briefed, but nobody else was told — not even district personnel. Students were locked down in darkened classrooms and didn’t know it was a drill until Doles and another officer entered the rooms, one with a loaded handgun and the other with an unloaded AR-15. For Doles’ “lack of good judgment,” he was transferred to the police department’s patrol unit, and Moore was suspended with pay, but later reinstated. The district has since revised its procedures to ensure officers aren’t armed during drills, and everyone is informed that a drill is in progress. Some students also complain the officers pointed guns at them during the drill, but Doles insists their weapons were pointed at the ground. (MS/Lakeland Ledger) ...I think he missed the point.
Original Publication Date: 04 January 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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