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“Fart Guy” Loses Big

Geremino T. Ranallo, 65, and Warren G. Jacoby, 50, have been convicted of disorderly conduct in Franklin Township, Pa., after the two used a can of joke “fart spray” in a local supermarket. “It smelled like somebody had let a real stinker in there,” said one witness. “It was pretty nasty.” Customers ran from the store, leaving their purchases behind as Ranallo and Jacoby were “snickering and laughing.” Police found the can of spray, plus a “remote-controlled fart machine used to mimic the sounds of flatulence.” Municipal Court Judge Joseph W. Steinhardt, noting that Ranallo “has a fart fixation,” handed down a $502 fine plus court costs, and gave the bubbly duo the choice of 30 days in jail or 90 days of community service. “I don’t want to be known as the fart guy,” Ranallo complained. (RC/Easton Express-Times) ...Too late, bub.
Original Publication Date: 14 April 2002
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 8.

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