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Modern Art, Garbage — What’s the Difference?

An exhibit by artist Damien Hirst in a west London, England, gallery was tossed in the trash after the opening night party. “As soon as I clapped eyes on it, I sighed because there was so much mess,” said janitor Emmanuel Asare. “I didn’t think for a second that it was a work of art.” Asare tossed the displayed pile of empty beer bottles, ashtrays, coffee cups and candy wrappers straight into the trash. Shocked gallery employees who found the clean spot dumped out the trash bins and used photos of the exhibit to help rebuild it. (RC/Reuters) ...Leave it to me and we’ll solve London’s trash disposal problem and the lack of art in public places at the same time.
Original Publication Date: 11 November 2001
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 8.
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