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A Small Side of Sausage

A waitress at a Waffle House in Macon, Ga., called police to report that another employee, a man, had told her he was going to “pleasure himself” (as local TV stations put it) — and did. She had just finished with a phone call, so she used her phone to take video of the act as the man sat at a table, in his company uniform. According to the resulting report from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, “She stated that as she was recording him, she was telling him the whole time that she was recording him and he was a pervert. She stated that he responded by saying he wasn’t a pervert, he was just a freak.” The video was “somehow” posted to social media, the waitress said, and it went viral; when Waffle House corporate offices saw it, the male employee was fired. When he learned a warrant was issued for his arrest, Emanuel Williams, 36, already a registered sex offender, turned himself in. Meanwhile, the Macon-Bibb County Health Department wasn’t terribly concerned. “Food safety in a restaurant is the same principles of food safety that you should practice when you’re handling food or cleaning surfaces in your own home,” a spokeswoman said. “You should learn how to properly wash, rinse, and sanitize your equipment, your utensils, [and] how to hold things at the proper temperature.” (RC/WMGT Macon, WMAZ Macon) ...Sounds like his “equipment” is already being held at a too-hot setting.
Original Publication Date: 31 May 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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