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Actually, Coffee Would Probably Be Prohibited Too

A drug-sniffing dog at the Hamilton County (Ohio) Justice Center — which includes the county jail — alerted that there was something wrong with a package addressed to an inmate. Inside the package: a Bible. Jailers expected to find drugs jammed between two pages, but didn’t find any. They did find a “half-dollar-sized, coffee-looking” stain on the first page of the book of Daniel, however, and sent that to the lab for testing. The lab found it was 30 to 40 “hits” of heroin. The inmate, Timothy King, 28, and the alleged sender, Tehani Teepe, 39, were arrested on felony charges, and face up to five years in prison. Deputies noted that in the particular edition of the Bible used for the crime, the book of Daniel starts on page 420. (RC/Cincinnati Inquirer) ...Five years? Maybe they can plea-bargain that down to 4 years and 20 months.
Original Publication Date: 15 February 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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