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Energizer Bunnies

“Lila,” 71, of Massachusetts, says her medical problem is nothing to laugh about: Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, which causes her to have as many as 200 orgasms per day, starting two years ago after surgery. “If you gave me the choice of this or never having another orgasm as long as I live,” she says, “I’ll take never having another one as long as I live.” Meanwhile, Winston Salem, N.C., pain specialist Dr. Stuart Meloy is looking for volunteers to test a new device he accidentally discovered. While implanting a patient with electrodes to ease pain, he put a wire in the wrong spot and the patient, who was awake, had an instant orgasm. He has U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to test a device, dubbed the “Orgasmatron” by the press, to help women with sexual dysfunction. There’s just one problem: “I thought people would be beating my door down to be part of the trial,” he says, but so far only one woman has signed up. He needs a minimum of 10. (RC/Boston Globe, AFP) ...Maybe if he offers to snuggle a little...?
Author’s Note: Dr. Meloy and his invention was first discussed in True in ’Woody Allen, Visionary” in Volume 7.
Original Publication Date: 30 November 2003
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 10.

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