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He’s Gonna Find Out

The Affirmative Action Office at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Mich., laid down the law. In a “Christmas Warning” titled “How to celebrate Christmas without offense,” the AAO suggested “It is inappropriate to decorate things with Santa Claus or reindeer or other ‘Christmas’ decorations. Good ideas for decorations during this time are snowflakes, snowpeople, [and] poinsettias to give a feeling of winter.” The AAO did not provide “warnings” for other winter holidays, such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. “So if the multicultural Gestapo remove Santa, what do they do if they stumble on a Nativity scene,” asked Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights President William Donahue — “smash it with their clubs?” After Donahue complained to the university, it rescinded the advisory. (RC/Saginaw News) ...Why is it that anyone thinks they’re entitled to go through life without ever being offended?
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Original Publication Date: 21 December 2003
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 10.
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