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Gritty Güllebunker

“There is some debate in Germany about whether men should sit or stand to pee,” reports the BBC. The issue came to a ...well... head recently in a court battle, where a landlord sued a male tenant for 1,900 euros (US$2,200), contending that by refusing to sit down to pee, he had damaged the bathroom’s marble floor. Some toilets in Germany have signs that forbid standing up to urinate, but a Duesseldorf judge ruled that “urinating standing up is still common practice” and thus, is still “within cultural norms.” Some men are fighting the trend toward sitting, calling those who do “Sitzpinkler” — the implication being that sitting is not masculine. Men who stand “must expect occasional rows with housemates, especially women,” the judge ruled, but they cannot be held liable for damage when they do. (RC/BBC) ...Why aren’t bad aims called “Dummkopfpinkler”?
Gllebunker: German slang for toilet.
Original Publication Date: 08 February 2015
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