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I Know You Are but What Am I?

Lisa Brown says she called Comcast to cancel her cable service and save money, but Comcast tried to get her to commit to another two years instead. “I was never rude,” said Brown, but “I didn’t take the offer.” So Comcast changed the first name on her bill from her husband’s name to a term whose literal meaning is the terminus of the digestive tract. When Christopher Elliott wrote about it online, other Comcast customers came forward to say the cable giant had called them “dummy,” something resembling the F-word, and an offensive term for someone who does the F-word for a living. Comcast’s senior vice president of customer service said the company was “looking for automated solutions to prevent this from happening in the future,” and that it would apologize to the customers affected. (AC/CBS) ...I know what I’m not anymore: a Comcast customer.
Original Publication Date: 08 February 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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