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Is There Such a Thing as a Free Ticket?

When Jordan Axani, 28, and Elizabeth Gallagher split up, he was left with plane tickets for “Elizabeth Gallagher” to tour the world with him, and the airline wouldn’t change the name. So he advertised on Reddit for any Canadian named “Elizabeth Gallagher” who wanted free travel — and 18 of them got in touch. Axani and his brother put them through a rigorous screening process, which nearly drove Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher away, but then they mentioned their new charity. With the media attention from the giveaway, Axani was starting A Ticket Forward, which, according to its website, planned to crowdfund vacations for people who had suffered “tangible misfortunes.” Gallagher, a 23-year-old social-work student, said she “wanted to be involved in that.” She won the trip. As for traveling around the world with a stranger, she said, “There’s been enough media coverage on it that it can’t be that weird.” (AC/CTV) ...Because the media never covers anything weird.
Original Publication Date: 04 January 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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