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Math (and Morally) Challenged

Donald Ingerson, 67, a teacher and school sports coach who worked at various school districts in St. Louis County, Mo., called county prosecutors from his Minnesota retirement home to confess he had molested two students. Investigators contacted the women, who confirmed the incidents from when they were children. Prosecutors asked Ingerson to come in to chat. One of the big questions, of course, was why did he come forward now? Ingerson allegedly said that he had waited for the 30-year statute of limitations to expire, so he couldn’t be prosecuted for the crimes. There’s only one problem with that theory: the 30-year clock didn’t start ticking until the underage girls turned 18, so Ingerson was arrested and charged with the rape and statutory sodomy of the two students, and prosecutors are asking for any additional victims to step forward. (RC/St. Louis Post-Dispatch) ...Counting isn’t enough. You have to know where the zero is.
Original Publication Date: 02 September 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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