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NYPD Blew It

Eugene Donnelly has only been on the New York City, N.Y., police force for four years, but he has already distinguished himself. While off duty, he spotted a gunman chasing several people, and firing a wild shot. Donnelly, 27, engaged the suspect, and after a “wild gunfight” was able to apprehend the shooter. That happened two years ago, and last month he was awarded the Police Combat Cross — the department’s second-highest honor. The mayor shook his hand. Afterward, Donnelly went out to celebrate. He allegedly got fairly drunk, and stayed overnight at a friend’s apartment. At 5:30 a.m. he managed to go outside the apartment — clad only in his underwear — and then got confused as to which apartment his friend lived in. He allegedly broke through a door: it wasn’t his friend’s, but rather a 30-year-old woman’s. The sleeping woman sat bolt upright, and Donnelly allegedly punched her in the face. “She said he punched her twenty or thirty times,” said an unidentified “police source,” then drank some milk from her fridge, and then fled. Donnelly has been stripped of his badge and gun, and put on “modified duty.” The Bronx District Attorney may send the case to a Grand Jury for charges. (RC/New York Daily News) ...“May”?
Original Publication Date: 20 July 2014
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