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Political Endorsement Reaches a New High

The mayoral race in North Miami, Fla., has had some interesting moments, like when Joseph Haber passed out “clean up city hall” soap to voters, and Jean Marcellus was punched in the mouth by someone who didn’t want him to run. But Anna Pierre claimed the top endorsement: Jesus Christ Himself. “I had a revelation when I was going to give up on this race. I had a dream,” she said. “I know what I saw,” and “I felt it was from heaven. It was an endorsement by Jesus.” Pierre is grateful for the endorsement in a tough campaign. “I was a victim of Vodou, death threats. People accused me of putting a negative light on the Haitian community. Jesus is my friend, my salvation,” Pierre said. (MS/Miami Herald) ...And, quite possibly, her only vote.
Story Update: In a field of seven candidates, Pierre came in dead last with only 56 votes (0.56 percent). Christ was not available for comment.
Original Publication Date: 02 June 2013
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