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Who Does the Dirty Work?

After a male shoplifter escaped an Orem, Utah, jewelry store with a ring worth “several thousand dollars,” police found the suspect’s vehicle and pulled it over. The store clerk identified the driver as the thief; he was accompanied by a woman. No ring was found, and after “several wild goose chases, we found out that [the woman] had swallowed the ring in attempt to hide it when they were pulled over by police,” Police Lt. Craig Martinez said. Christina Schlegel, 25, was taken to a hospital, where an x-ray confirmed the ring was inside her. She and the man, Bryan Ford, 30, were charged with felony theft, and they were still waiting for the evidence several days later — the woman was being held in a cell without a flush toilet. “No, she hasn’t passed the ring yet, and no, we’re not digging it out,” Martinez said, telling the New York Daily News that “We don’t get paid enough to dig through people’s bowel movements.” (RC/Salt Lake Tribune, New York Daily News) ...No, but that might be a good job for Mr. Ford.
Original Publication Date: 05 October 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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