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Balls of Bleu

When Dorsey McFadden visited the BlowToad restaurant in Carytown, Va., she found “bleu ball pizza” on the menu. When she asked the waiter about the name and one of the ingredients — “swing steak” — he chuckled and said their staff came up with the name together and just thought it was appropriate. Without any further questions, she ordered the pizza. “It had a funny name but didn’t think too much about it,” McFadden said. “Later, I came to find out that the steak was bull testicles.” Now the health department is investigating the incident. “Restaurants must disclose the major allergens and say whether or not there are food items that can be safely prepared,” said Chris Gordon, an environmental health manager for the state’s Department of Health. “It’s not a question of allergies for me, but it’s a question of full disclosure,” said McFadden. “Certainly I think there are some people who for religious reasons or personal reasons just wouldn’t want to eat that.” The restaurant managers said they will continue to do all they can to make sure customers are informed and walk away satisfied. (MS/WTVR Richmond) ...Though I’m thinking the bull didn’t walk away satisfied.
Original Publication Date: 11 March 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.

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