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Very Distracted Driving

“She said that when she noticed that the truck driver coming up behind her was not stopping, she released the brake and tried to mash the gas,” Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith said, describing an accident in Starke, Fla. Investigators say Shannon Ford, 35, was driving a log truck and rear-ended a school bus that was unloading students. Witnesses say Ford had been driving erratically for several miles and never applied his brakes. Ford, his passenger, the bus driver, and seven students were seriously injured in the crash. The truck passenger, Sherry Ford, 34, may have contributed to the accident. “The female passenger of the truck was found partially clothed,” Smith said. “That is a part of our investigation.” Police believe Mrs. Ford may have been actively ...well... performing a sexual act on Mr. Ford before the crash. Witnesses also say the “partially” in “partially clothed” may have been because of the towel officers gave her when they arrived on scene. (MS/First Coast News, Daytona Beach News-Journal) ...At least he wasn’t texting and driving.
Original Publication Date: 26 October 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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