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A Robbery? Wanna Bet?

Two employees of a bookmaking shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, took on a robber who barged into their office. Nichola Burke, 30, and Sally Hamilton, 34, fought with the man, who decided he was outmatched and tried to run — but found the front door was locked. As he tried to smash through with a stool, Burke grabbed him and started bashing his head against the door. The robber then tried to dash through another door, but it was a storeroom; Burke locked the door behind him and called police. But before officers arrived, the women realized the robber was kicking through the ceiling to escape to the roof. Burke grabbed a baseball bat, went up to the roof, and waited for him to emerge through the hole. When he did she cracked him on the head, and police arrived to arrest the unnamed 28-year-old man. (RC/Yorkshire Evening Post) ...That’s one hard-headed criminal.
Publication Date: 30 November 2008
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 15.

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