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Amazing Gropes

At the urging of the senior pastor, Brent Girouex, 31, the youth pastor at Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa, confessed to police that he had been having sex with his charges. Girouex told investigators he felt it was his “duty” to “help [his 14-year-old victim] with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with him.” That boy, now 18, says Girouex had sex with him 50 to 100 times, and seven other young men have stepped forward with similar charges. Girouex says that such sessions were only about “helping the [boys] gain sexual purity” by “getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.” (AC/Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil) ...If Girouex wants to “purify” gay men, perhaps he should start with himself.
Original Publication Date: 17 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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