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Another Day, Another “Social Media Mistake”

After its recent food poisoning woes, the Chipotle restaurant chain ran a promotion in the Washington D.C. area to get fans eating there again. Texting “raincheck” to a six-digit SMS shortcode number would get participants a free burrito at the chain. But hundreds of people, not quite understanding the difference between a six-digit shortcode and a seven-digit phone number added a digit to the code and instead texted Hank Levine, 64, a telecommunications lawyer in Bethesda, Md. Once Levine understood what was going on, “The first thing I did was get my free burrito,” he said. He tried explaining to some of the texters that they screwed up, but in response, people would tell him, “essentially ‘Get me my bleeping burrito you bleeping burrito, or I’ll bleepity bleep you’,” he said. “You learn what people are really like when you become a social media mistake.” Levine called the restaurant chain to let them know of the problem, and they promised to send him four vouchers for free meals for his trouble — presumably in addition to the free burrito he registered for by following the rules. (RC/Washington Post) ...He’s a lawyer: you’re darned right it will be in addition to the free burrito.
Original Publication Date: 06 March 2016
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