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Bad Samaritans

A snowstorm in Kansas City, Mo., provided a convenient situation for three thieves who would approach motorists stuck in the snow with offers of help, but then rob them at gunpoint. One of the victims was a preacher trying to shovel his car out. As with others, the trio offered to help, then pulled a gun and demanded money. The minister apparently complied, and then called police and provided a good description of the culprits. Before officers could arrive to take the report, they saw the vehicle described — yep! — stuck in the snow. They searched the car and found cash, a gun holster, and stolen credit cards. Michael L. Wilson Jr., 17, Darion O. Page, 18, and an unnamed 16-year-old all either denied involvement, or tried to blame the crimes on their companions. All were charged with robbery. (JW/Kansas City Star) ...Never prey on a preacher — he’ll pray back.
Original Publication Date: 13 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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