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But Really, It was Far Short of a “Killing”

Warren Jackson, 40, of Chicago, Ill., is a motivational speaker for the anti-violence group We Stop the Killings. But maybe not for long: a witness says she saw Jackson remove a toddler from the back seat of his car, put him in the front seat, then turn around and punch a woman still sitting in the back. Police said when they stopped him later, the child was sitting in the front seat of the car without a safety seat, and the woman was in the back with cuts on her face. Jackson admits he and the woman were arguing, but denied hitting her. He was charged with domestic battery. According to their website, We Stop the Killings is “on a mission to eradicate adolescent violence.” (MS/Chicago Tribune) ...No hypocrisy there: he’s over the age of 18.
Original Publication Date: 20 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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