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Caught Red-Pawed

When Brian McCarthy, 61, parked his Prius in Lake Tahoe, Calif., for the night, he didn’t expect it would be taken on a late-night test drive without him. But a bear managed to open the car door and wedge himself inside. Stuck, he kicked, scratched, bit, and tore at the interior trying to get back out. In the process, he damaged the gear box and shifted the car into neutral, which then allowed the car to roll down the sloping driveway. “We were looking out of our bedroom window and from our view, you could look down and see the bear in the car, and its arms were just flailing all over the place, through the windows and everything,” McCarthy says. “We don’t really get very many animal-vehicle break-ins out here, but it does happen,” said a spokesman for the South Lake Tahoe Police. (MS/Contra Costa Times) ...Looks like this time the thief bearly escaped.
Original Publication Date: 02 October 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.

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