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A woman arrived at her Manatee, Fla., home to discover a man inside, carrying a backpack. She not only confronted him, she grabbed him and held on, dumping the backpack out, assuming it was full of her belongings. Sure enough, her jewelry and credit cards were among the items spilled. She wouldn’t let the man go until he agreed to let her take several photos of his face with her cell phone camera, and remove the socks covering his hands so he would have to open the door with his bare hands, leaving fingerprints. He complied, and fled. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they looked at the photos and identified the suspect as Steven Haynes, 26, thanks in part to the distinct tattoo on his chest that she included in the photo. Deputies discovered Haynes was due to appear for a drug test the next day, required by an earlier probation. Haynes not only showed up, but when searched he was found to have drug paraphernalia — and six doses of alleged heroin. He was charged with burglary, drug offenses, and probation violations. (RC/Bradenton Herald) ...It’s hard to beat Florida at its own game, but someone will try.
Original Publication Date: 27 September 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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