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Cut and Run

Deborah Frazier of Philadelphia, Pa., knew that her haircuts at Empire Beauty School were deeply discounted because students did the work. She has been going there “for years” without a problem, but she stopped her most recent cut when she sensed something was wrong. “I asked for a mirror, which I was refused,” Frazier said. “They told me I did not want to see it.” A supervisor came over with some dye — to dye her scalp to cover the bare spots the student left. “Okay, it’s a student, I can accept that. I can accept the mistake,” a charitable Frazier said. “But I can’t — what’s hard for me to accept is the way it was handled.” The school offered to cut her hair free next time, but Frazier says she won’t be back. A student did “remove a chunk of Deborah’s hair,” a school spokeswoman admitted, but the student, “obviously, did not pass that part of the exam.” (RC/WTXF Philadelphia) ...Any chance of doing a re-test on the parts she did pass?
Original Publication Date: 21 June 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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