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D is for Duh

The Pew Research Center released a report after quizzing a representative sample of U.S. adults on basic facts about science. Only 6 percent of the test takers were able to answer all 12 questions correctly. Included in the results: only 34 percent knew that water boils at a lower temperature in Denver than in Los Angeles; 39 percent thought it would be the same for both. And 22 percent incorrectly thought astronomy was “the study of how the positions of stars and planets can influence human behavior” — a definition that describes astrology. On average, the test takers answered just 7.9 questions correctly out of twelve; a score of 66 percent — a “D” on most grading scales. (MS/Los Angeles Times) ...Maybe they should grade on a curve.
Original Publication Date: 20 September 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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