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Damned if They Do, And

An employee at a paper mill in New South Wales, Australia, was “repeatedly” warned by his boss over safety violations. When Paul Quinlivan was fired after he took off his safety glasses four times in one day, he appealed the sacking. A Fair Work Australia tribunal ruled the “relatively serious misconduct” was a legitimate reason for firing him, but because Quinlivan was a “middle-aged man with very poor employment prospects” and being fired had “such serious personal and economic consequences” on him because of his A$70,000 mortgage, being fired was “devastating” to him and he should have been warned first. The tribunal ordered the company to re-hire him, and pay him A$16,000 (US$14,600) in compensation. (RC/Sydney Australian) ...And if he had suffered eye damage, the company would have been fined for that.
Original Publication Date: 14 March 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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