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Don’t Feed the Bears

Brock Hopkins was severely injured three years ago when he was mauled by a captive grizzly bear at Great Bear Adventures near West Glacier, Mont. Hopkins admits he smoked marijuana before entering the bear enclosure and attempting to feed them, despite instructions to stay away. Those actions, however, were not the issue, despite being characterized as “mind-boggingly stupid” by the Montana Workers’ Compensation Court — Hopkins filed for comp payments for his injuries, and the privately owned park was fighting against paying, saying Hopkins was a volunteer. The case went to the state’s Supreme Court, which noted that because the park’s owner sometimes gave Hopkins money, he was an employee, and therefore entitled to compensation. (MS/Kalispell Interlake) ...Next case up: the bear’s — it’s upset over his allegedly “spiked” food.
Original Publication Date: 17 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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