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Drugs Make You Stupid

Allison Voner, 23, was out on probation in Framingham, Mass., when she posted a video to Facebook, which appears to have been shot outside the Framington District Courthouse. Her probation officer says that in the video, Voner drives a car, which she’s not allowed to do, smokes both heroin and cocaine, and goes on a tirade against him. “I just saw the most incriminating video I’ve ever seen in my 36 years” on the bench, said Judge Douglas Stoddart. He ordered Voner held on $5,000 bail, revoked her probation, and ordered her held on a warrant for another court. “She frequently Facebooks out entertaining videos,” said Voner’s lawyer, John Daly Jr. He asked the judge to reconsider. “It was meant as an entertaining video only. It was comedy.” Stoddart noted “She achieved her goal,” but declined to change his orders. (MS/Metro West Daily News) ...She isn’t the first one to be Facebooked into jail, but she may be the stupidest.
Original Publication Date: 09 November 2014
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