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Dude, Look Behind You

Nine students at Arrowhead High School in Merton, Wisc., had just finished writing “Class of 2009” on a school wall in chalk when a police officer stepped up. He told the kids to erase the mark, and if they did that “nothing would happen.” They complied, but by then a school official had seen what was going on and turned the kids in. Principal Bonnie Laugerman suspended them all, which included a ban on their attending their own graduation. Their parents met with the Superintendent of schools to appeal, one parent told a newspaper, but he refused to overrule her. The parent who talked to the newspaper was afraid to give her name, since the principal could retaliate by withholding her daughter’s diploma. (RC/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) ...And the schools call the kids terrorists?
Original Publication Date: 07 June 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 15.
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