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Feeling His Oats

“He looks like a freaking altar boy,” said jockey Angel Suarez Medero’s agent. “And he’s nicer than he looks.” A former agent added, “I don’t think I ever even heard the kid cuss.” Another former agent explained that his entry into racing was a surprise move: “He woke up one day, told his mom he wanted to be a jockey, and she said, ‘What?’” Suarez won 151 races in 2012 and earned national attention in his field. Then one night, say police, a neighbor at the Bensalem, Pa., apartment complex where Suarez lives with his girlfriend spotted him on a second-floor balcony, where he was racing his own horse. The neighbor fled and called police. Suarez broke through the glass door, was attacked by two dachshunds, and escaped out a window, the neighbor’s fiancé said. Then, police say, Suarez broke into someone else’s apartment and fought with the inhabitants, one of whom shot him. He kept fighting; eventually, police got him under control and took him away to face surgery and criminal charges. Even if it turns out drugs were involved, said police, that’s no excuse for a high-grade felony. (AC/Philadelphia Daily News) ...Then he’ll have a hard time getting his life back on track.
Original Publication Date: 04 January 2015
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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