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Freaks of Animal Nomenclature II

Mandy Anglin checked surveillance video after her dog went missing from her front yard in Winter Springs, Fla. In the video, she saw a van pull up and the puppy leave with the van. She called the police. After an investigation, police arrested Anglin’s neighbor, who claimed she was “rescuing” the dog from harsh living conditions. “She has a good home here. We love her,” Anglin said. “She’s well taken care of. She didn’t need to be saved.” Anglin is hoping that the neighbor will be charged, and that the arrest will send a message to anyone else considering taking a dog from someone’s front yard.“I understand that I guess she works for a rescue and they do good things for animals. I get that, but that doesn’t mean you can just take whoever’s animal,” she said. The neighbor — 38-year-old Kitty Rivera — faces grand theft charges. A reporter went to Rivera’s house for comment, but nobody answered the door. (MS/WKMG Orlando) ...Did they knock on the doggy door or the Kitty door?
Original Publication Date: 07 February 2016
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 22.

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