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Go to Jail — It’s the Law

Benjamin Kohler, 26, was serving jury duty in Salem, Ore., and the jury was being shown a video of the arresting officer interviewing the defendant. The lights were dimmed, and Marion County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Graves noticed a strange glow illuminating Kohler. The judge stopped the video, called a recess, and excused the jury — except for Kohler, who was apparently texting a friend on his cell phone. The judge, who had told the jurors that they could not use their cell phones during court, held Kohler in contempt and sentenced him to two days in jail. “I know what I did wasn’t smart and I don’t blame the judge for being upset,” Kohler said, “but two days in jail is harsh.” (RC/KGW Portland) ...Yeah, sure — text that to a friend.
Original Publication Date: 19 May 2013
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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